Our Strength


Extensive Legal Experience

We are unrivaled in the breadth and depth of our extensive intellectual property and technology-related legal experience in representing multinational companies in China. Our IP attorneys are licensed in China and US, and have worked for many years at leading IP/law firms. Our president received engineering Ph.D. education and J.D. degree from Stanford University and was the lead attorney handling IP-related legal matters at the Beijing office of two major US-based international law firms before starting with East IP in 2000. He was the head of the China IP and IT practice at a leading US firm before joining us. Several of our attorneys have handled landmark patent and trademark cases. All the heads of our various practice groups have extensive experience in representing multinational companies in respect of intellectual property, commercial arbitration, litigation, international trade and corporate matters.

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Impressive Technical Expertise

Most of our attorneys have very solid technical expertise. Some of them have obtained engineering Ph.D. degrees from leading Chinese and US universities. We require all newly recruited attorneys to have either good technical degrees or solid technical working experience - currently most of our attorneys have either a technical degree from leading universities in China, Japan, the US or Europe, or have extensive working experience in high-tech companies. The technical expertise of our attorneys covers all major technology areas and is particularly strong in areas such as semiconductor, computer software and hardware, telecommunication, electrical, electronics, as well as medical and life sciences. Apart from the academic backgrounds of our attorneys, our partners have garnered actual technical working experience at leading international high-tech companies in the US, Japan and Europe, before devoting themselves to careers in intellectual property and technology law.

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Working Well with Key Chinese IP Authorities and Courts

Our Our attorneys have worked on administrative and judicial IP cases, as well as all kinds of proceedings for many years so they are extremely experienced in the handling complicated IP and legal matters either via administrative or judicial route. Our attorneys have in-depth knowledge of key Chinese IP authorities and courts as well as their internal workings. Furthermore, through years of academic dealings as well as sponsoring of and participation in important IP training programs/conferences, we have built up good working relationships and personal friendship with some of the most respected IP scholars, judges and officials in the greater China region. Thus, we can provide much needed advice, best overall strategy and most effective representation for IP matters in the greater China region.

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Solid Financial Resources

We have committed substantial resources to projects that will greatly enhance our service quality. We have implemented vigorous training programs for our attorneys and are aggressively recruiting top Chinese and international attorneys. Our firm-wide intranet is built on Sun servers and an Oracle database with rigorous security protection. We are currently constructing a www.eastipgroup.com network, which will provide extensive intellectual property-related information and services. Once completed, www.eastipgroup.com, operated by our team of experienced attorneys and IT specialists, will be a unique and tremendously valuable resource for those who have concerns in the field of intellectual property. The information system will be run on a 24/7 basis providing up-to-date information and offering a variety of important services, such as deadline and infringement monitoring, intellectual property portfolio management, central data storage and access, and other real-time services. We are fully committed to investing in people, facilities and technology in order that we may better provide efficient, competitive and quality services.

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